Arredamento Mantova

A Villa in Marrakech


Leaving behind the roar of the medina and the souk, you find yourself in a quiet side street near the Marrakech Museum. Once crossed the heavy doors that shut out the world, one is welcomed in an atmosphere of relaxing serenity.

A single villa, surrounded by a garden and a naturalistic context that overlooks the Moroccan countryside of Marrakech, makes use of architectural forms to dialogue with the landscape and open outwards.

Evidence of this is the perfect harmony between the large perimeter windows and the horseshoe plant that winds around a central patio, completely covered with wooden slats, as well as the facades. The result is an articulated volume well integrated with the landscape and capable of enjoying the best view of the context. The living area of ​​the villa is composed of a Moroccan living room with traditional sofas, made with warm colored fabrics, and from an European salon where the representative dining room. For the European salon, our staff has created three seating areas with valuable pieces such as the sofas Paul and Albert by Molteni, the Romeo table by Baxter and the Airport bookshop by Cattelan. The walnut boiserie, combined with the lighting, further enhances the spaces giving a feeling of elegant warmth.

Please note that the store will be closed from August 14 to 22.

See you soon
Devincenti Multiliving Staff