Arredamento Mantova

Modern villa in collaboration with Archistudio MZEP


A project where modern architecture marries contemporary furnishings combining functionality and originality with aspects of everyday life.

A villa with modern features, which can be inserted in the context of the countryside that surrounds it with a personal style, furnished in the sign of contemporaneity.

A project born from the collaboration between the staff of Devincenti Multiliving and the architect Massimo Zani of Archistudio MZEP, who faces the problems of living with a direct approach, creating tailor-made solutions capable of satisfying the requests of the owners. The result is a house with well-mixed volumes that runs on two floors with proportionate shapes, where functionality, personal style and technological aspects are refined to perfection.

The interior design is deevloped together with the architectural one and exploits all the potential of the building, creating recognizable and functional environments, designed in every detail. For instance the living area On the ground floor where the living and the kitchen interact with each other, ideally and physically separated by a large sliding and completely transparent window that gives a visual continuity; the separation between the two rooms is obtained through the chromatisms of the furnishings, designed to amplify the identity of the spaces.


The living room is designed for moments of conviviality and conversation but can also offer moments of great intimacy, like the original fireplace with a personalized design and Venetian plaster, or the retractable LED arch that frames the passage between living and kitchen; the furnishings of the best brands have a contemporary flavor, suitable for the context. A splendid staircase composed of glossy glass slabs connects the floors. The rooms are spacious, furnished with attention to comfort, respect for personal privacy and equipped with all comforts. To frame every room, a turquoise colored porcelain stoneware floor and a bleached lamellar wood roof.

The importance concerning the lighting has been studied in detail, as the decoration of Big Bang lamps stands out. The care taken in the construction details allows you to enter the building in energy class “A”.

Please note that the store will be closed from August 14 to 22.

See you soon
Devincenti Multiliving Staff