Arredamento Mantova

Young Wild and Free


There is a time to share and be in company, it is time to have fun and relax.
If then there is the complicity and availability of a young couple, who love open the doors to their guests, you have to decide when.
The general idea was to create a contemporary flavor, extremely functional and suitable for hospitality and conviviality.
The windows flood the house with light. It is pleasant to enter a space where the sun warms the rooms, making you breathe the welcoming spirit alive.
The client wanted to make the existing environments current and the play of light was the most guessed.
As the owner says “… the house must be reflected in the personality of those who live there” and the project seems to tell it more than well.
The result is a modern apartment, with full-height doors, a spontaneous, never intrusive decor and many small details capable of telling the tastes of those who live there. The kitchen is a convivial place, designed with a central counter so you can cook and eat in company.

Kitchen: Ernestomeda e Kartell
Livingroom: Baxter e Riva 1920
Bedroom: Lago

Please note that the store will be closed from August 14 to 22.

See you soon
Devincenti Multiliving Staff