Arredamento Mantova

Skygarden suspension lamp by Flos

Cat: Light Design, Outlet


“In my previous house there was a fantastic plastered antique ceiling. I called it my Sky Garden; it was always perfect even if I don’t have the green thumb and did not take special care. It did not need water or sun, the simple warm rays of electric light that lit up from below it were enough. I liked it so much that when I moved, I could not get away from it. I had to find a way to take it to the new house. I took my tools and broke it off the ceiling. Those delicious pieces of history are now secretly hidden in a minimalist architectural sphere in the heart of my new home, where I can enjoy them with friends. If you do not tell anyone, you can enjoy it with me “


Altezza lampada
Altezza filo
4000mm (3500mm ECO)

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