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Cube Table by Riva 1920

Cat: Living Area

Each table is a unique piece

The Cube table by Riva 1920 presents itself with a natural iron base with visible weldings, characterized by essential and squared lines, surmounted by a wooden Kauri plank, a prehistoric wood of 48,000 years. The Kauri is embellished with a transparent resin casting and polished by hand. It is an absolutely unique piece of its kind. Each table in Kauri is different from all the others, allowing the customer to choose his own, personalize it with or without resin and match it with one of the different bases in the catalog.

The millenary fine Kauri Wood

The millenary Kauri is one of the rarest woods in the world, as it can only be found in a specific area of ​​northern New Zealand. It is by far the oldest wood in the world: following the cataclysms that occurred in past ages, the millenary Kauri has remained intact and preserved under the mud of the marshes of this area for 40 thousand years, waiting to be extracted with very special procedures.

This prehistoric wood is also the most environmentally friendly in the world since no plant, even those from reforestation, is cut for its use.

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